Eccles,Suzanne A

Institution: The Institute of Cancer Research, UK

Top Collaborators: Rogers SJ, Box C, Workman P, Harrington KJ, Mendiola M, Barbáchano Y, Gowan S, Nutting CM, Box GM, Valenti M, Brandon AD, Reynisson J, Al-lazikani B, Court W, Wilkins A, Day J, Patterson L, Mcdonald E, Katan M, Andrikopoulos P

Research Interests: Tyrosine, Cancers, Epidermal Growth Factor, Cancer, Breast, Kinase, Tyrosine Kinase, Drugs, Therapeutic, Biomarkers, Cell Lines, Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor, Head, Lung, Mutation, Neck, Patients, Phosphorylation, siRNA, Cells