Institution: National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, USA

Top Collaborators: Chappie JS, Ton-hoang B, Chandler M, Leonard M, Schmid SL, Hickman AB, James JA, Barabas O, Pasternak C, Sommer S, Mears JA, Fang S, Milligan RA, Hinshaw JE, Messing SA, Mccubbin AJ, Acharya S, Peaslee GF, Ghirlando R

Research Interests: Clathrin, Dynamin, Gtpase, Hydrolysis, Membrane, Active Site, Dynamin 1, Endocytosis, GTP, Human, Sodium, DNA, Transposases, Necks, Manganese, Arginine, Catalyses, Charge, Dimerization, Dynamins