Dun,Nae J

Institution: Division of Life Science and Biotechnology Research Institute, Hong Kong

Top Collaborators: Chang JK, Brailoiu GC, Brailoiu E, Chen YH, Huang X, Yang J, Luo JJ, Lyu RM, Churchill GC, Patel S, Gao X, Chan KH, Arterburn JB, Zhang Y, Prossnitz ER, Wong YH, Oprea TI, Tica AA, Chu C, Chen CT

Research Interests: Neurons, Rat, Cells, Brain, Concentration, Hippocampus, Population, Spinal Cord, Acetic Acid, Ethane, Membrane, Brain Stem, Cell, Dorsal Root, Ganglion, Horn, Human, Hypothalamus, mRNA, Polymerase Chain Reaction