Duley,J A

Institution: The University of Queensland, Australia

Top Collaborators: Chen BC, Mcgown IN, Ngu LH, Tomarchio A, Punyadeera C, Balasubramaniam S, Chng GS, Keng WT, Thong MK, Pitt J, Yunus ZM, Khoo TB, Al-shehri S, Henman M, Charles BG, Cowley D, Shaw PN, Liley H

Research Interests: Patients, Adenylosuccinate Lyase, Chromatography, Hplc, Liquid Chromatography, Report, Disease, Hypoxanthine, Water, Asian, Biochemical Markers, Convulsions, Ethnic Groups, Life, Microcephaly, Mutations, Myoclonic Jerk, Omim, Patient, Seizures