Institution: UMR408 Safety and Quality of Plant Products, INRA, F-84000 Avignon, France

Top Collaborators: Negretti L, Dhermain F, Grill J, Calvillo M, Fioredda F, Varlet P, Micalizzi C, Puget S, Roujeau T, Rialland X, Raquin MA, Loonis M, Habrand JL, Miano M, Chassot A, Canale S, Riccardi F, Molinari AC, Caviglia I, Gatti C

Research Interests: Children, Diagnosis, Patients, Iron, Treatment, Patient, Radiation, Disease, Report, Glioma, Pontine Glioma, Radiotherapy, Schedule, Survival, Time, Chemotherapy, Relapse, Chlorogenic Acid, Dietary Iron, Quercetin