Douglas,Jack F

Institution: National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA

Top Collaborators: Mansfield ML, Starr FW, Dudowicz J, Freed KF, Maillard D, Kumar SK, Fragneaud B, Kysar JW, Zhao Y, Rungta A, Hashimoto T, Benicewicz BC, Zhang X, Deng H, Yager KG, Brinson LC, Fredin NJ, Ro HW, Jones RL, Karim A

Research Interests: Temperature, Polymer, Styrene, Work, X-ray, Thermodynamics, Films, Glass, Nanoparticles, Silica, Buckyballs, Character, Clustering, Drive, Nanoparticle, Nature, Neutron, Phase Transition, Fractal, Gels