Domb,A J

Institution: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Top Collaborators: Khan W, Farah S, Nyska A, Mandler D, Hosseinkhani H, Yu DS, Kumar N, Ickowicz D, Levy Y, Okner R, Tal N, Hong PD, Hosseinkhani M, Masrawa E, Chen YR, Ramasamy R, Shikanov S, Rosli R, Farber IY, Shikanov A

Research Interests: Polymer, Stent, Stents, Stainless Steel, Steel, Paclitaxel, Drugs, Lead, Treatment, Administration, Polymers, Therapeutic, Electron, Electron Microscopy, Microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Cell, Death, Rat, Drug-eluting Stents