Diddams,Scott A

Institution: National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), USA

Top Collaborators: Fortier TM, Kirchner MS, Adler F, Bartels A, Nugent-glandorf L, Johnson TA, Quinlan F, Taylor JA, Papp SB, Hollberg L, Braje DA, Heinecke DC, Neely TW, Weiner AM, Ycas G, Heinecke D, Osterman S, Kippenberg TJ, Neely T, Holzwarth R

Research Interests: Comb, Laser, Noise, Power, Pulse, Microwave, Pulses, Spectroscopy, Report, Astronomy, Measure, Sapphire, Light, Erbium, Combs, Floor, Lead, Seed, Eye, Observation