Institution: Institute of Toxicology and Genetics, Germany

Top Collaborators: Weger BD, Weger M, Mracek P, Armant O, Dolle D, Lahiri K, Vallone D, Ettwiller L, Geisler R, Foulkes NS, Nusser M, Brenner-weiss G, Diotel N, Rastegar S, Hirota T, Sahinbas M, Kay SA, Otto GW, Strähle U

Research Interests: Regulation, Zebrafish, Adrenal Gland, Cell, Circadian Clock, Glucocorticoids, Hormones, Production, Time, Elements, Gene, Gene Expression, Larvae, Light, Luciferase, Research, Acth, Autonomic Nervous System, Axis, Environment