Institution: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA

Top Collaborators: Lindsley K, Nichols JJ, Kreis J, Puhan MA, Sch√ľnemann HJ, Braun L, Wolfgang M, Li T, Ervin AM, Jampel H, Wieland LS, Robinson KA, Vedula SS, Goldman PS, Rona IJ, Greene TM, Scherer RW, Scherer R, Sieving PC

Research Interests: Publication, Comparative Effectiveness Research, Research, Affects, Bacterial Infection, Chalazion, Eyelid, Hordeolum, Infection, Inflammation, Recurrences, Styes, Tissues, Glaucoma, Open-angle Glaucoma, Survey, Medline, Reports, Consumer Involvement, Institute Of Medicine