Institution: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA

Top Collaborators: Lindsley K, Nichols JJ, Kreis J, Puhan MA, Sch√ľnemann HJ, Braun L, Wolfgang M, Li T, Ervin AM, Wieland LS, Robinson KA, Vedula SS, Goldman PS, Rona IJ, Greene TM, Scherer RW, Sieving PC, Scherer R, Jampel H

Research Interests: Publication, Comparative Effectiveness Research, Research, Affects, Bacterial Infection, Chalazion, Eyelid, Hordeolum, Infection, Inflammation, Recurrences, Styes, Tissues, Glaucoma, Open-angle Glaucoma, Survey, Medline, Reports, Consumer Involvement, Institute Of Medicine