Institution: and Institute of Biochemistry and Genetics of the Cell (IBGC) du CNRS, France

Top Collaborators: Rigoulet M, Yoboue ED, Galinier A, Casteilla L, Baret P, Septembre-malaterre A, Priault M, Gonthier MP, Daignan-fornier B, Augier E, Blancard C, Pinson B, Chevtzoff C

Research Interests: Oxygen, Mitochondria, Reactive Oxygen Species, Biogenesis, Genomes, Mitochondrial Genomes, Redox, Regulation, Yeast, Hydrogen, Oxidative Stress, Respiratory Chain, Energy Metabolism, Metabolism, Kinases, Paper, Protein Kinases, Saccharomyces, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, Sensitivity