Delude,Russell L

Institution: University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, USA

Top Collaborators: Gefter JV, Fink MP, , Shaufl AL, Miki K, Kumar A, Yang R, Killeen ME, Aneja RK, Sjodin H, Zingarelli B, Simon PM, Lee M, Kong L, Guzik LJ, Cotoia A, Huang DT, Kameneva MV, Angus DC, Marascalco PJ

Research Interests: Shock, Hyaluronic Acid, Mice, mRNA, Tissues, Cells, Human, Inflammation, Production, Adenosine, Ribose, Animals, Blood, Blood Volume, Concentrations, Critical Illness, Evaluation, Hemorrhagic Shock, Mean Survival Times, Molecular Weight