Delpech,V C

Institution: HIV and STI Department, Public Health England, Centre for Infectious Disease Surveillance and Control, London, UK

Top Collaborators: Brown AE, Rice BD, Elford J, Huntington S, Chadborn T, Yin Z, Miller E, Kall MM, George R, Gill ON, Smith RD, Nardone A, Slack M, Phillips AN, Cambiano V, Nakagawa F, Lampe F, Rodger A, Miners A, Hart G

Research Interests: Hiv, Art, Adults, Risk, Risk Factors, Hiv Infection, Infection, Men, Sex, Treatment, Distance, Measure, Patients, Travel, Conjugate Vaccines, Disease, Incidence, Streptococcus, Streptococcus Pneumoniae, Vaccines