Institution: Laboratory of Development and Plasticity of the Postnatal Brain, Jean-Pierre Aubert Research Centre, Inserm U837, 59000 Lille, France

Top Collaborators: Bouret SG, Prévot V, Mullier A, Langlet F, Levin BE, Luquet S, Mazzone M, Messina A, Dunn-meynell AA, Balland E, Lacombe A, Mazur D, Carmeliet P

Research Interests: Blood, Brain, Hypothalamus, Median Eminence, Tight Junctions, Arcuate Nucleus, Capillary, Cell, Cells, Endothelium, Permeability, Homeostasis, Adult, Evans Blue, Floor, Immunohistochemistry, Injections, Mice, Paper, Proteins