Degli-Esposti,Mariapia A

Institution: The University of Western Australia, Australia

Top Collaborators: Fleming P, Wikstrom ME, Andoniou CE, Zinkernagel MS, Petitjean C, Hill GR, Mcmenamin PG, Smyth MJ, Sutton VR, Scalzo AA, Trapani JA, Forrester JV, Ong ML, Chinnery HR, Hertzog PJ, Estcourt MJ, Khong A, Voigt V, Mclenachan S, Comerford I

Research Interests: Cytomegalovirus, Infection, Virus, Cells, T Cells, Murine Cytomegalovirus, Cell, Immunity, Retinal, Interferon, Mice, Nk Cells, Role, T-cell, Time, Antigen, Retina, Spleen, Mouse, Perforin