Institution: Department of Molecular and Cellular Interactions and Structural Biology Brussels, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium

Top Collaborators: Gangemi F, Muzzolini L, Tornaghi P, Minici C, Parkin DW, Versées W, Steyaert J, Cacciapuoti G, De Leo E, Porcelli M, Garau G, Vandemeulebroucke A, Bruno I

Research Interests: Enzymes, Nucleosides, Catabolism, Diseases, Guanosine, Inosine, Isozymes, Lead, Ribose, Role, Specificity, Eukaryotes, Pyrimidine Nucleosides, Diffusion, Efficiency, Parasites, Play, Report, Therapeutic, Trypanosoma