Institution: CIRAD, UMR1304 Control of Exotic and Emerging Animal Diseases, Montpellier, France

Top Collaborators: Totte P, Diogon M, Frutos R, Bruel T, Rodrigues V, Garzón E, Chevaleyre C, Berri M, Salmon H, Conrad U, Mather A, Reslan L, Duperray C, Boublik Y, Floss DM, Niang M, Mockey M, Du Plessis D, Zanello G, Brosson D

Research Interests: Cell, Production, Cattle, Cells, Infection, Memory, Mice, Mycoplasma, Mycoplasma Mycoides, T Cells, Antigens, Epitopes, T-cell, Humans, Immunity, Infections, Lymph, Lymph Nodes, Ruminant, Antibodies