DeLongchamp,Dean M

Institution: National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA

Top Collaborators: Soles CL, Richter LJ, Kline RJ, Heeney M, Mcculloch I, Herzing AA, Ro HW, Anthopoulos TD, Sirringhaus H, Song K, Hammond MR, Zhang W, Germack DS, Fischer DA, Xu T, Yu L, Toney MF, Zhang X, Chan EP, Bronstein H

Research Interests: Charge, Films, Butyric Acid, Electron, Electron Microscopy, Energy-filtered Transmission Electron Microscopy, Fullerene, Microscopy, Orientation, Transmission Electron Microscopy, Film, Role, Semiconductors, Strain, Work, Absorption, Face, Polymer, Power, Separated