De-Simone,Salvatore G

Institution: National Institute of Science and Technology on Innovation on Neglected Diseases (INCT-IDN)/Center for Technological Development in Health (CDTS), Brazil

Top Collaborators: Cabrera A, Larrañaga P, Dalla-rizza M, Bottino CC, Gomes LP, Coura JR, Provance DW, Pinho RT, Beltramini LM, Alves CR, Souza AL, Díaz-dellavalle P

Research Interests: Propane, Sodium, Trypanosoma, Trypanosoma Cruzi, Peptides, Active Site, Aspartyl Proteases, Cathepsin, Cathepsin D, Electrophoresis, Enzymes, Filtration, Gel Filtration, Gelatin, Hplc, Proteases, Serine, Specificity, Substrate Specificity, Alternaria