De Nardo,Luigi

Institution: Department of Chemistry, Materials, and Chemical Engineering "G. Natta", Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy

Top Collaborators: Lusvarghi L, Altomare L, Bolelli G, Cigada A, Bellucci D, Cannillo V, Sola A, Stiegler N, Müller P, Killinger A, Gadow R, Melli V, Rondelli G, Sandrini E, Bonferroni B

Research Interests: Cell, Affect, Alloy, Alloys, Arthroplasty, Cell Viability, Cost, Cost Saving, Devices, Grains, Injection, Orthopedic, Production, Prosthesis, Technology, Body Fluid, Cell Line, Cell Proliferation, Charge, Culture