Dayton,Paul A

Institution: The University of North Carolina and North Carolina State University, USA

Top Collaborators: Sheeran PS, Matsunaga TO, Gessner RC, Streeter JE, Feingold S, Johnson K, Cianciolo R, Mullin LB, Kothadia R, Martin KH, Wong VP, Borden MA, Luois S, Sirsi SR, Mcfarland RJ, Ross WD, Martz TD, Kaya M, Bardin D, Lee AP

Research Interests: Contrast Agents, Microbubble, Acoustic, Microbubbles, Molecular Imaging, Therapeutic, Time, Sensitivity, Perfluorocarbons, Vaporization, Pulse, Concentration, Blood, Ultrasonic, Methods, Tissue, Transducer, Tumors, Pressure, Radiation