Davies,Gideon J

Institution: The University of York, UK

Top Collaborators: He Y, Gloster TM, Thompson AJ, Ardèvol A, Rovira C, Williams SJ, Gilbert HJ, Stubbs KA, Vocadlo DJ, Siriwardena A, Lammerts Van Bueren A, Williams RJ, Moreland C, Hakki Z, Hu TC, Fayers-kerr J, Alonzi DS, Smith DK, Luo B, Wennekes T

Research Interests: Inhibition, Cancer, Bacteroides, Hydrolysis, Research, Acetylglucosamine, Carbon, Fucose, Fucosidase, Fucosidosis, Disease, Enzymes, Glycans, Mannosides, Play, Roles, Mannose, Active Site, Alkylation, Cell