Davies,Gideon J

Institution: The University of York, UK

Top Collaborators: He Y, Gloster TM, Rovira C, Williams SJ, Gilbert HJ, Stubbs KA, Thompson AJ, Ardèvol A, Zhang Y, Songsrirote K, Moreno-vargas AJ, Sollogoub M, Thomas-oates JE, Carmona AT, Blériot Y, Wrodnigg TM, Robina I, Spreitz J, Suits MD, Stütz AE

Research Interests: Inhibition, Cancer, Bacteroides, Hydrolysis, Research, Acetylglucosamine, Carbon, Fucose, Fucosidase, Fucosidosis, Disease, Enzymes, Glycans, Mannosides, Play, Roles, Mannose, Active Site, Alkylation, Cell