Dalrymple,Brian P

Institution: Food Futures Flagship and Livestock Industries, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Queensland Bioscience Precinct, St Lucia Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Top Collaborators: Hudson NJ, Reverter A, Ratnakumar A, Barris W, Mcwilliam S, Pérez-enciso M, Kongsuwan K, Knox MR, Allingham PG, Pearson R, De Jager N, Brauning R, Barnard R, Mcewan JC, Cafe LM, Snelling WM, Greenwood PL, Tang DT, Glazov EA, Mcwilliam SM

Research Interests: Genes, Gene, Growth, Muscle, Time, Set, Bos Taurus, Genome, Genomes, Methods, Regulation, Transcription Factor, Gene Expression, Cattle, Hormone, Treatment, Artificial Chromosomes, Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes, Chromosomes, Future