Institution: Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Top Collaborators: Kaasa S, Klepstad P, Andreassen TN, Davies A, Bjordal K, Lundström S, Paulsen Ø, Eftedal I, Bjelland TW, Haugen BO, Nilsen T, Aass N, Landmark T, Borchgrevink PC, Doehring A, Mayyas F, Moksnes K, Fayers P, Rosland JH, Spigset O

Research Interests: Pain, Patients, Cancer, Oxycodone, Association, Opioids, Pharmacokinetics, Serum, Morphine, Aged, Men, Women, Chronic Pain, Oxymorphone, Treatment, Concentrations, Associations, Exercise, Health, Physical Activity