Institution: The University of Chicago, USA

Top Collaborators: Herrou J, Boutte CC, Henry JT, Fiebig A, Foreman R, Purcell EB, Roux B, Robert B, Kennis JT, Castro Rojas CM, Siegal-gaskins D, Mcdonald CA, Palfey BA, Heaton BE, Blackwell AE, Dalton KM, Wysocki VH, Alexandre MT, Rotskoff G, Luo Y

Research Interests: Caulobacter, Caulobacter Crescentus, Proteins, Histidine, Cell, Bacteria, Kinase, Kinases, Light, Oxygen, Carbon, Family, Signal Transduction, Archaea, Chromosome, X-ray, Phosphorylation, RNA, Starvation, Biology