Cross,J Helen

Institution: UCL-Institute of Child Health, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children & National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy, The Wolfson Centre, London, UK

Top Collaborators: Scott RC, Chong WK, Whitney A, Dunkley C, Harkness W, Kung J, Nicolaides P, Neville B, Aylett SE, Riney CJ, Eltze CM, Clark CA, Cox T, Cortina-borja M, Chin RF, Lawson MS, Gaillard WD, Mctague A, Edwards N, Duncan JS

Research Interests: Epilepsy, Seizures, Children, Brain, Treatment, Seizure, Surgery, Pathology, Sleep, Syndrome, Prognosis, Epileptic Seizures, Diet, Ketogenic Diet, Epilepsies, Evaluation, Hospital, Infants, Literature, Role