Cowan,Don A

Institution: University of the Western Cape, South Africa

Top Collaborators: Tuffin MI, Valverde A, Makhalanyane TP, Pointing SB, Lacap DC, Burton SG, Stomeo F, Ramond JB, Welz PJ, Tuffin IM, Lostia AM, Vicente JL, Cary SC, Birkeland NK, Stevens MI, Le Roes-hill M, Cary CS, Tuffin M, Meiring TL, Taylor MP

Research Interests: Communities, Gene, Community, Soil, Ethanol, Multivariate Analysis, rRNA Gene, Methods, Environments, Actinobacteria, Libraries, Rflp, Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism, Cold, Soils, Populations, Temperature, Water, Metric, PH