Coughlan,Melinda T

Institution: Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Research Institute, Australia

Top Collaborators: Cooper ME, Forbes JM, Andrikopoulos S, Sourris KC, Thallas-bonke V, Groschner LN, Penfold S, Thorburn DR, Thomas MC, Bierhaus A, Cowan SP, Morley AL, Ward LC, Walker KZ, Ke BX, Nguyen TV, Tan AL, Henstridge DC, Penfold SA, Harcourt BE

Research Interests: Advanced Glycation End Products, Diets, Gene, Humans, Mice, Superoxide, Albuminuria, ATP, Axis, Diabetic Nephropathy, Gene Expression, Membrane, Membrane Potential, Mitochondrial Membrane, Mitochondrial Membrane Potential, Production, Rage, Therapeutic, Adiposity, Animal