Institution: France and University of Toulouse III, France

Top Collaborators: Castells M, Delord JP, Thibault B, Hennebelle I, Mery E, Golzio M, Querleu D, PĂ©nary M, Mirshahi M, Berg D, Milhas D, Gandy C, Favre G, Rafii A, Jouve E, Guillermet S, Bourgognon M, Rizo P, Lortal B, Gross F

Research Interests: Tumor, Cells, Stem Cells, Cell, Fibroblasts, Growth, Adenocarcinoma, Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Cancer, Cell Line, Human, Therapeutic, Carcinoma, Cytokines, Macrophages, Phenotype, Stem, Adipocytes, Apoptosis, Stromal Cells