Institution: France and University of Toulouse III, France

Top Collaborators: Castells M, Delord JP, Thibault B, Mery E, Golzio M, Querleu D, Hennebelle I, Jouve E, Guillermet S, Bourgognon M, Rizo P, Lortal B, Pasquet M, Gross F, Bourin P, Peron JM, Mirshahi M, PĂ©nary M, Milhas D, Berg D

Research Interests: Tumor, Cells, Stem Cells, Cell, Fibroblasts, Growth, Adenocarcinoma, Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Cancer, Cell Line, Human, Therapeutic, Carcinoma, Cytokines, Macrophages, Phenotype, Stem, Adipocytes, Apoptosis, Stromal Cells