Cortot,Alexis B

Institution: Pulmonary and Thoracic Oncology Department, CHRU of Lille, France

Top Collaborators: , Besse B, Trédaniel J, Brouchet L, Lemarié E, Castelnau O, Zalcman G, Frappé P, Barlesi F, Ferretti GR, Milleron B, Guittet L, Khalil A, Lefebure P, Laurent F, Liebart S, Molinier O, Quoix E, Couraud S, Revel MP

Research Interests: Cancer, Lung, Chest, Mortality, Screening, Tomography, Tumors, X-rays, Breast, Breast Cancer, Cell, Lung Cancer, Paclitaxel, Patients, Safety, Small Cell Lung Cancer, Tumor