Institution: University of Bristol, UK

Top Collaborators: Bouché O, Bécouarn Y, Gourgou-bourgade S, Bascoul-mollevi C, Desseigne F, Ychou M, Guimbaud R, Adenis A, Raoul JL, Boige V, Rotonda C, Bérille J, Guillemin F, Sezer O, Vendrely V, Miny J, Velten M, Koller M, Francois E, Kaminsky MC

Research Interests: Cancer, Patients, Questionnaire, Research, Treatment, Quality Of Life, Body Image, Colorectal Cancer, Face, Health, Patient, Psychometric, Scales, Time, Understanding, Validity And Reliability, Chemoradiotherapy, Radiotherapy, Rectal Cancer, Life