Conner,Dale P

Institution: US Food and Drug Administration, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, Office of Generic Drugs, Rockville, Maryland 20855, USA

Top Collaborators: Davit BM, Dandamudi S, Walters JF, Lee CH, Raines KW, Ren K, Williamson LN, Liu Q, Cherstniakova SA, Li BV, Jin F, Lee SL, Bai T, Chowdhury B, Caramenico HT, Kaur P, Chaurasia CS

Research Interests: Bioequivalence, Food, Therapeutic, Administration, Food And Drug Administration, Marketing, Standards, Aerosols, Device, History, Nasal Sprays, Paper, Cancer, Dosage Forms, Drug Approval, Drug Approval Process, Drugs, Generic Drugs, Patients, Permeability