Conlon,Michael A

Institution: Nutritional Genomics and DNA Damage Research Group, CSIRO Food and Nutritional Sciences, Kintore Avenue, PO Box 10041, Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia

Top Collaborators: Topping DL, Bird AR, Christophersen CT, Toden S, Wang L, Sorich MJ, Gerber JP, Angley MT, Fenech M, Mcorist AL, Miller RB, Keogh JB, Noakes M, Morrison M, Belobrajdic DP

Research Interests: Starch, Diets, Health, Amylose, Butyrate, Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Concentrations, DNA, Meat, Rats, Risk, Adults, Ammonia, Fermentation, Bacteria, Feces, PCR, Autism, Children