Conlon,Michael A

Institution: Nutritional Genomics and DNA Damage Research Group, CSIRO Food and Nutritional Sciences, Kintore Avenue, PO Box 10041, Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia

Top Collaborators: Bird AR, Topping DL, Toden S, Christophersen CT, Wang L, Sorich MJ, Gerber JP, Angley MT, Fenech M, Belobrajdic DP, Mcorist AL, Miller RB, Keogh JB, Noakes M, Morrison M

Research Interests: Starch, Diets, Health, Amylose, Butyrate, Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Concentrations, DNA, Meat, Rats, Risk, Adults, Ammonia, Fermentation, Bacteria, Feces, PCR, Autism, Children