Cole,Bernard F

Institution: Department of Surgery, Section of General Surgery, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, NH, USA

Top Collaborators: Colleoni M, Price KN, Goldhirsch A, , North WG, Giobbie-hurder A, Pang RH, Wu J, Gao G, Ejlertsen B, Memoli VA, Bonnefoi H, Karlsson P, Forbes JF, Neven P, Roncadin M, Láng I, Chua BH, Smith I, Murray E

Research Interests: Breast, Incidence, Radiotherapy, Tumors, Cancer, Treatment, Yttrium, Association, Patients, Neoplasms, Phyllodes Tumors, Recurrence, Ability, Affect, Breast Tumor, Cells, Estrogen, Growth, Human, Igg1