Coccaro,Emil F

Institution: University of Chicago, USA

Top Collaborators: Lee R, Mccloskey MS, Berman ME, Marseille R, Marcus DK, Chen EY, Echevarria DJ, Phan KL, New AS, Siever LJ, Goodman M, Norris AL, Koenigsberg HW, Lee RJ, Flory JD, Gill A, Ferris C, Chen B, Van De Kar LD, Mccloskey M

Research Interests: Aggression, Behavior, Personality, Intermittent Explosive Disorder, History, Personality Disorder, 5-ht, Serotonin, Cerebrospinal Fluid, Role, Patients, Adults, Measures, Questionnaire, Concentrations, Human, Identification, Reliability And Validity, Diagnoses, Dsm-iv