Coccaro,Emil F

Institution: University of Chicago, USA

Top Collaborators: Lee R, Mccloskey MS, Berman ME, Marseille R, Marcus DK, Nelson DA, Crick NR, Ruocco AC, Petty F, Almeida M, Kleabir K, Ben-zeev D, Chen EY, Phan KL, Echevarria DJ, New AS, Siever LJ, Goodman M, Norris AL, Koenigsberg HW

Research Interests: Aggression, Behavior, Personality, Intermittent Explosive Disorder, History, Personality Disorder, 5-ht, Serotonin, Cerebrospinal Fluid, Role, Patients, Adults, Measures, Questionnaire, Concentrations, Human, Identification, Reliability And Validity, Diagnoses, Dsm-iv