Clark,J David

Institution: Stanford University School of Medicine. Received from the Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine Service, USA

Top Collaborators: Sahbaie P, Li WW, Kingery WS, Shi X, Li X, Liang DY, Sun Y, Guo TZ, Angst MS, Wei T, Li W, Li XQ, Nickerson-nutter CL, Ray A, Goodwin D, Swan GE, Shen MW, Lazzeroni LC, Damphousse C, Qiao Y

Research Interests: Pain, Allodynia, Mechanical Allodynia, Skin, Interleukin, Syndrome, Hyperalgesia, Patients, Il-1, Injection, Keratinocytes, Inflammation, Edema, Rats, Tibia, Gene, Il-6, Nerve Growth Factor, Opioids, Keratinocyte