Clark,J David

Institution: Stanford University School of Medicine. Received from the Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine Service, USA

Top Collaborators: Li WW, Sahbaie P, Kingery WS, Liang DY, Shi X, Li X, Sun Y, Guo TZ, Angst MS, Li W, Li XQ, Wei T, Peltz G, Phillips NG, Drover DR, Guo T, Tingle M, Nickerson-nutter CL, Ray A, Goodwin D

Research Interests: Pain, Allodynia, Mechanical Allodynia, Skin, Interleukin, Syndrome, Hyperalgesia, Patients, Il-1, Injection, Keratinocytes, Inflammation, Edema, Rats, Tibia, Gene, Il-6, Nerve Growth Factor, Opioids, Keratinocyte