Chung,Sookja K

Institution: The University of Hong Kong, China

Top Collaborators: Yeung PK, Na Y, Kim SK, Lo AC, Leung JW, Zhang X, Vanhoutte PM, Kim HY, Chan FK, Dhong HJ, Ng IO, Ko BC, Seo KC, Lam AK, Tam S, Kim JI, Kim DH, Wong D, Huang Y, Jang IS

Research Interests: Mice, Cells, Role, Water, Brain, Edema, Endothelin, Endothelin-1, Injury, Transgenic Mice, Artery, Ischemia, Patients, Cerebral Artery, Endothelial Cells, Middle Cerebral Artery, Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion, Oxidative Stress, Transient, Blood