Institution: Department of Cell & Systems Biology University of Toronto, Canada

Top Collaborators: Hou W, Kimber MS, Turnbull J, Peek J, Lee J, Hu S, Senisterra G, Khoshraftar S, Hung S, Khan S, Gong Y, Tyagi V, Parkinson J, Sun W, Sain M, Shahinas D, Moses AM, Bonvin J

Research Interests: Active Site, Dehydrogenase, Family, Proteins, Tyrosine, Amylose, Allosteric Site, Catalysis, Dehydrogenases, Engineering, Hydroxyl, Identification, L-tyrosine, Metabolic Engineering, Mutagenesis, Nad, Prephenate Dehydrogenase, Regulation, Site-directed Mutagenesis, Substrate Specificities