Chow,Louis Wing-Cheong

Institution: The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Top Collaborators: Loo WT, Cheung MN, Yip AY, Wang M, Ong EY, Guo LJ, Liao P, Tang XF, Tang Y, Gao QH, Zhu L, Xuan M, Li Y, Ji J, Yiu CC, Li J, Sasano H, Yuan F, Ono K, Wang D

Research Interests: Breast, Breast Cancer, Cancer, Patients, Treatment, Carcinomas, Tumor, Clinical Oncology, Epidermal Growth Factor, Growth, Medline, Survival, Tyrosine, Aromatase, Aromatase Inhibitors, Biomarkers, Carcinoma, Hormone, Lead, Cells