Chow,H-H Sherry

Institution: The University of Arizona Cancer Center, USA

Top Collaborators: Hsu CH, Tangrea JA, Parnes HL, Thompson PA, Sokoloff MH, Gretzer MB, Alberts DS, Nagle R, Miller JA, Nguyen MM, Ahmann FR, Nagle RB, Green S, Curiel-lewandrowski C, Stopeck AT, Swetter SM, Johnson K, Einspahr JG, Sagerman P, Hakim IA

Research Interests: Biomarkers, Cancer, Tissue, Breast, Growth, Human, Risk, Blood, Breast Cancer, Chemoprevention, Drugs, Women, Bioavailability, Biopsy, Citrus, Concentration, Food, Cell, Cell Proliferation, Insulin