Institution: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, USA

Top Collaborators: Race B, Striebel JF, Meade-white KD, Tribouillard-tanvier D, Carroll JA, Klingeborn M, Meade-white K, Race R, Rosenke R, Miller MW, Moore RA, Rangel A, Striebel J, Baumann F, Priola SA, Aguzzi A, Ward A, Williams ES, Peterson KE, Fox KA

Research Interests: Mice, Disease, Brain, Diseases, Prion Disease, Prion Diseases, Mouse, Scrapie, Transgenic Mice, Humans, Infection, Brains, Astroglia, Animals, Chronic Wasting Disease, Deer, Human, Nervous System, Wasting Disease, Cultures