Institution: Department of Metabolic Research, Research and Development, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Princeton, NJ 08543-5400, USA

Top Collaborators: Ma Z, Liu Y, Liu Z, Wang Y, Liang YR, Wen X, Hu J, Yang X, Liu J, Xiao S, Haque TS, Liang N, Cooper CB, Pelleymounter MA, Poss MA, Gottesman MH, Friedman-urevich S, Shi Y, Boylan E, Detterbeck F

Research Interests: Enzymes, Acetyl-coa, Coa, Cell, Inhibition, Obesity, Tissue, Procedure, Report, Screening, Safety, Patients, Time, Retinal, Brain, Absorption, Acyltransferases, Adipose Tissue, Homeostasis, Insulin