Institution: Shenzhen Center for Chronic Diseases Control and Shenzhen Institute of Dermatology, China

Top Collaborators: Yin YP, Peng RR, Wang B, Tucker JD, Liang GJ, Xiang Z, Dasgupta J, Li HM, Li J, Jiang N, Cohen MS, Slaymaker IM, Han Y, Gai D, Brewster A, Bienkowska-haba M, Ortega ME, Dai XQ, Brewster AS, Patel HD

Research Interests: Sex, Infection, Risk, DNA, Syphilis, Human, DNA Replication, Sex Workers, Population, Prevalence, Role, Maintenance, Proteins, Cell, Hiv, Men, Gene, Mutagenesis, Eukaryotes, Archaea