Chen,Ray Y

Institution: Division of Treatment and Care, National Centre for AIDS/STD Control and Prevention, Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, Beijing, China

Top Collaborators: Efthymiou M, Zhu H, Taylor AC, Khoo J, Desmond PV, Tian HH, Allen PB, Tan B, Sheih IC, Chew K, Fang TJ, Ng CS, Wu TK, Leong D, Chang CH, Teo RC, Zhang F, Dou Z, Ma Y, Zhang Y

Research Interests: Superoxide, Cell, Cell Lines, Crystallography, Diterpenoids, Human, Suregada, Tumor, Tumor Cell Lines, X-ray, X-ray Crystallography, Biopsy, Cold, Forceps, Polyps, Antioxidants, Aspergillus, Chinese, Culture, Dietary Supplement