Chen,Lung Hung

Institution: Motivation in Educational Research Laboratory-MERL and Physical Education & Sports Science-PESS Academic Group at the National Institute of Education in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Top Collaborators: Fu HB, Liu L, Xu J, Zheng JK, Zan HW, Xu ZF, Yeh CC, Meng HF, Tsai CC, Kee YH, Chatzisarantis N, Kong PW, Chow JY, Tu LH, Hu TX, Zhang J, Liao JC, Huang LH, Fan KF, Xiao YL

Research Interests: Calcium, Patients, Nitrogen, Water, Body Height, Calcium Sulphate, Men, Pain, Surgery, Tomography, Women, Work, Airway Management, Airway Obstruction, Laryngoscopy, Papilloma, Ventilation, Back, Electron, Electron Transport