Institution: Shenzhen Center for Chronic Diseases Control and Shenzhen Institute of Dermatology, China

Top Collaborators: Yin YP, Wang B, Tucker JD, Peng RR, Liang GJ, Xiang Z, Dasgupta J, Li HM, Li J, Jiang N, Cohen MS, Slaymaker IM, Han Y, Gai D, Bienkowska-haba M, Ortega ME, Dai XQ, Brewster AS, Patel HD, Bodevin S

Research Interests: Sex, Infection, Risk, DNA, Syphilis, Human, DNA Replication, Sex Workers, Population, Prevalence, Role, Maintenance, Proteins, Cell, Hiv, Men, Gene, Mutagenesis, Eukaryotes, Archaea